Reading vertically down and left to right:-
"zhao ai bi shan sai bo zhao
ye lian ming yue xian chuang chi"

night morning
compassion/pity/love love
bright moon
quiet window
late fishing

"In the morning, I love to be up early fishing amongst the blue-green mountains".
"In the evening, I love to be up late into the night, the bright moon at my quiet window".

In Italian;
"Di buon mattino, amo andare a pescare ai piedi delle montagne verdazzurre.
"Fino a tarda notte, amo guardare con pieta, la luna splendente dalla mia finestra tranquilla."

On the back of the scroll appear to be two Japanese surnames, namely:-
Hosoi and Hirosawa.

Poet/calligrapher unknown by me at this moment in time.

Translation by Jim Stokes and Ven. Kuanguang

To whom grateful thanks and the blessings of the Dharma